Chapel is easily one of the busiest restaurants and bars in Seattle catering to discerning, well dressed twenty and thirty-somethings out for a night of good food and premium pours. The space itself at Chapel is stunning—it's a converted funeral home—and alone it's definitely worth the trip, but this little snippet isn't about architecture and you're unlikely to find a bunch of Goths moodily sipping their imports. Chapel starts getting busy with scenesters right at happy hour that's just blazing with martini specials and this hot Seattle lounge doesn't let up until closing. Slick DJs man the decks most nights providing down tempo beats during dinner and stepping up the tunes and the bass later in the evening with eclectic musical stylings spanning genres.

The Chapel was built in the early 1920s inside the Butterworth's Mortuary. It was a place to honor life in the physical world and the passing into the spiritual world. While the mortuary no longer exists, the former chapel continues to bring people together to honor one another — in the physical world, yes, but perhaps also to ponder the spiritual world in a convivial atmosphere.

Chapel is more than a bar, more than a restaurant. Fine food and exceptional spirits are served in a unique space where people, music, art, architecture and ideas intersect and mix.

BPM Magazine
"Perhaps by the nature of its somewhat cavernous space with multiple levels of seating, Chapel offers a range of interaction within its soaring walls, from intimate to boisterous. The crowd is diverse, young, mixed and eclectic."

"If you're sitting in heaven and feeling guilty because you know you don't deserve to be there, rest in peace, you're probably just sitting at The Chapel Bar in Seattle. Formery a funeral home, this spacious 1920s colonial masterpiece has all the grandeur and majesty fit for dead kings and queens, but it's lively as all hell."