Innovative Website Eliminates Pushy In Home Window Sales!

Homeowners are tired of the stressful, high pressure sales tactics of
retrofit window companies. Jeffery Keirstead, Founder and Owner of
UMEASUREIT.COM, worked as a Sales Representative in the window
industry for over 25 years and recognized a problem with the market.
"Homeowners were anxious about talking to Sales Representatives about
their projects. Their experiences often were stressful, with Sales
Representatives using high pressure sales to meet their quotas.
UMEASUREIT.COM gives them a relaxing place to research and order their
windows or other home improvement projects." Keirstead's innovative
website removes the high pressure sales, as homeowners work at their
own pace through the website's easy to navigate ordering system.
In-home-sales often involved haggling for lower prices, which many
homeowners found difficult.