Tony Schwartz Weddings

Tony Schwartz Weddings was conceived in 2005 to break the standard mold or concept of what people would normally expect from a wedding DJ entertainment service provider.

Exclusively performing at and specializing in wedding reception entertainment, Tony Schwartz Weddings can be best described as: Modern, Unique, Flexible, Trendsetting, Talented, Adaptable, Detailed, Organized, and Fun.

It is understood that wedding entertainment is an investment into your celebration's success, and one of the most important factors you will consider during the planning process. Tony Schwartz Weddings understands the importance of your celebration, and will create an entertainment experience you will never forget. Tony Schwartz Weddings believe today's brides are about "personal expression" and will take a modern approach to wedding entertainment that will keep you in the spotlight without using outdated entertainment techniques.

A detailed Planner, an organized Coordinator, a polished Master of Ceremonies, and a widely recognized, talented and skilled Disc Jockey.

Wedding Entertainment Excellence. That's Tony Schwartz Weddings.

Please give us a call at 253-988-8095 to set up a no-obligation consultation or visit our website @ or blog at for additional information. SEATTLE WEDDING DJ.

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