Tiki Bob's Cantina

Tiki Bob's Cantina

A young crowd gets their heavy drink and hard party on at Tiki Bob's Cantina that now does that cool Seattle club thing of the Pioneer Square joint cover. The energetic crowd full of hep cats and hotties dance raucously to the mixed DJ stylings and the bartenders seem to pour the drinks stiffer as the night goes on. Also, as an added eye candy bonus, this Seattle bar and dance club often has impromptu dancing on the bar by the aforementioned hotties being egged on by the DJs to shake it.

Tiki Bob's is your non-stop party paradise located in Seattle's historic Pioneer Square! 

Whether you're coming in before or after an event at nearby Qwest or Safeco Fields...

or making us your destination for your next Friday or Saturday "Night Out"... Tiki's will not dissapoint!

Tiki Bob's has a great food & drink menu, plenty of seating, friendly staff, 12 TVs & a giant Projection Screen TV...

Friday & Saturday Nights we throw one of the wildest parties in Seattle with fast and friendly bartenders, Seattle's top rated Top 40/Mash-Up DJs + a State of the Art Sound & Light Show!

Tiki Bob's Cantina- Always a Party... Never an Attitude, Come as you are Party Bar!

Tiki Bob's Cantina  *  166 S. King St.  *  Seattle, WA 98104  *  206.382.8454

www.TikiBobsSeattle.com  *  www.myspace.com/TikiBobsSeattle  *  www.facebook.com/TikiBobsSeattle