Sports Reaction Center Physical Therapy

About Sports Reaction Center:
Whether you are a multi-sport athlete or a one sport athlete, whether your sport is a contact sport or not, one of the most important aspects of being a successful competitive athlete relates to injury management.

Sports injury management is our specialty. It is what we do and have been doing every day for 30 years. Sports Reaction Center was built around the idea that sports therapy places a different demand on the therapist than traditional physical therapy. For example, we deal in all three planes of movement, with all the joints of the body, and we understand the intensity of preparation needed for pain free athletic competition.

Injury management during the season is different that injury management during the off-season. The fact that we actually deal with a variety of competitive athletes every day from contact sports like rugby, soccer, football and basketball to endurance sports like cross country, triathlon and marathon makes us uniquely qualified to help athletes manage their training during the recovery period.
Our staff is sports oriented, we use current methodologies, we have unique tools like the Alter G, and we understand the unique demands on athletes from nutrition, to hydration to training to competition, and we take all this into consideration when managing sports injuries. Top athletes and teams use people like us to keep them in tip top condition. We want you to think of us as members of your training/coaching team