Speedlearning 100

Triple your reading speed and double your memory with our 2-day workshop and 21 days of 15 minutes a day practice.

Called a "Secret of Greatness" and a "Key Skill to Master Now" by Fortune Magazine, Speedlearning 100 can teach anyone from 8th graders to executives to supercharge their information skills.

Speedlearning 100, over the course of a 2-day workshop, replaces old, outdated ways of reading and taking in the world with simple but powerful ways of reading and thinking. What we have done is found a way to synchronize your
reading and learning with techniques that match the way your brain really wants information.

You get drowsy when you read, lose your place, and forget what you have just read because your brain is bored to tears! We can get you back in sync with your brain to turn you into the reader, learner, and professional you always wished you could be.

Professional development workshops to businesses, students, and the public available.