Sludj Records

SLUDJ Records was founded to help great alternative rock bands and artists create their signiture sound and produce professional recordings.

We seek out up and coming talent and help them become the best they can be. We do this because we are passionate about music and about helping others succeed.

We only work with bands and artists that we really believe in. We are not a traditional studio where anyone can come in and record whatever they want. We work with bands and artists who play music we like (alternative rock, indy, pop punk, etc.). We do this because it is what we enjoy spending our time on. We record some bands for free, with production credit and applicable points on future royalties as compensation.

Sludj's Recording Facilty is a fully digital home studio with 16-track simultaneous record capability and 48-track playback ability. Our focus is on the quality of the recording chain going into the computer, from mic pre-amp, compressor through A/D conversion