Seattle Web Works

Seattle Web Works

Seattle Web Works offers top tier search engine marketing. We deliver real measurable results and 1st page Google Rankings.

Seattle Web Works is a web design and local SEO company based out of Seattle WA. We offer services exclusively for local businesses. Having a great web presence is the most effective and affordable way for small businesses to bring in new customers. There are three key factors to having an excellent web presence that will generate leads.

1. You need a great website. Your website is the first impression a potential customer has of your company. They will judge you most harshly by the quality of your website. A great website needs to be easy to  navigate and easy to understand. Noisy websites or websites that don't display the right information in the right places will drive customers away. Your website also needs to be mobile responsive. A large portion of your web traffic will be coming from mobile phones. Your website needs to be able to display properly on all screen sizes. 

2. Your Google local business profile. Basically all of your customers who see your website for the first time are going to navigate to it from your Google local business listing. It is the most important piece to the puzzle that this be set up correctly. You should treat the content on your Google business page as seriously as your content on your website. Google uses this content to determine when to recommend you in Google local search. Your business page should also be claimed and verified.

3. Your citations across the web. A company which is an authority in their industry is going to be well represented online. The more websites that Google can find your business cited on, the higher they will rank you in search. A citation is a name address and phone number and a link back to your website and Google page. It is important that these citations and accurate and consistent though. If the information is conflicting, they could actually hurt your rankings because Google wont know what the real information is. 

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