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Named after the infamously potent Southern cocktail, Seattle’s Sazerac restaurant is one of the hippest places in the city. The dinner menu starts with "Tiny Little Bites" moves on to "Bigger Little Bites" and finishes with "Big Plates." Though it sounds silly, Sazerac takes its food seriously without dampening the mood; Southern inspired cuisine with the freshest Northwest ingredients that give new flavors to old favorites. Don't forget to check out the bar—the expert cocktail artists can whip up perfect libations.

This is Sazerac in downtown Seattle, a restaurant as personable and distinct as the Pacific Northwest is to the rest of the U.S.

People have been gathering here for years. Some come to revel in Executive Chef Jason McClure's uncanny ability to infuse flavors from the seasonal ingredients and bounty of local farms in the upper left part of America with a hint of the South's more savory contributions to cuisine. The result is a decidedly delicious union of ingredients, textures and tastes that is greater than any of its parts. Might we suggest the Braised Beef Short Rib, with sweet corn and smoked bacon? Or perhaps the Crispy Idaho Catfish, served with jalapeño-lime brown butter and lemon-whipped potato?

Others rightly come because the barkeeps know how to pour a drink. Mixology at Sazerac is high art in the truest sense. After all, the restaurant's name does come from that most beguiling of cocktails, thought to be the first created in America. Sazerac's cocktails are mixed with love and the freshest makings, garnished with produce that called the farm "home" just a day or two earlier.

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