Quentus Technologies

Quentus is your business solution. Services include: Phone, Network, Hosting, & Business Apps. Give us a call or email to discover how Quentus can change your business.

Phone Services:

call queues, caller ID, call reporting statistics, local and long-distance calls, conference capabilities, call Routing, Voicemail-to-Email, Interactive Voice Response, Unlimited Internal calls, International Plans, toll free phone numbers, and more.


Email- Email accounts, message encryption, search and sorting, email backup, Spam detection and prevention

Data- partial or full encryption, multi-site data backup, hosting, designing, and building your database, data recovery

Website- Custom design scheme, layout ideas, and desired site features

Business Applications:

Customizable applications for ERP, CRM, point-of-sales, inventory control systems, accounting & book keeping, document management, and more.


Wiring, workstation and server configuration, enabl