Precious Pets Animal Crematory

***Always ask your veterinarian the name and number of their crematory services provider. If that provider will not take your calls or allow you to visit their facility, report this information to your vet. IT IS YOUR RIGHT to question their integrity and practices.
As pet owners ourselves, we at Precious Pets Animal Crematory recognize the special bond of unconditional love that you share with your pet. The loss of a pet is a very emotional and difficult time. It is your choice where your pet is taken for aftercare services. You do have options and we are here to provide you with guidance in deciding what you feel is a suitable farewell for your faithful companion.

Precious Pets Animal Crematory strives to exceed your expectations and is committed to raising the bar for pet aftercare with dignity, respect and understanding on a personal level. We provide you peace of mind in knowing that you have made the right decisions by specializing in thoughtful, dignified cremation of all animals. The passing of your beloved pet deserves the same respect and tribute as anyone would want for any other member of the family.

Precious Pets Animal Crematory assures you that your pet is handled with the utmost care and respect at all times. Your pet remains in our gentle care through the entire process. We encourage you to visit our facility where you will find a large selection of urns and other memorial items to choose from. There is also a grieving room available that your family may use to say your final goodbyes.

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