Pillar Ems Llc

Pillar EMS is Seattle's flagship emergency preparedness company. Emergency situations can occur while you are at home, work, on your commute, or at any location throughout Washington. We are proud to offer Washington specific emergency preparation, that is all inclusive Seattle to Tacoma disaster planning! We provide the best in Seattle business continuity plan services, Seattle emergency supplies, home defense and home security consulting, first aid training and more! Pillar EMS is known for preparing clients with effective advance emergency planning, whether they are individuals, families, businesses, schools or faith-based organizations, with the ability to successfully manage, adapt to and overcome any type of emergency situation. Pillar Emergency Management Systems is the only all inclusive Washington State disaster preparation company offering emergency planning for natural disasters to human-made emergencies! Don’t hesitate! Contact your Seattle emergency preparedness company for more information on how to get started, and equip yourself with peace of mind!

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