Performance Chiropractic

At Performance Chiropractic, located in Mill Creek, WA, we help people suffering from aches and pains from both chronic and acute injuries by offering:

- The most current, research based chiropractic care
- Function-based treatments tailored to your body
- A professional and fun environment
- A pain free return to the activities our patients love
- Whiplash and car accident injuries
- Rehabilitation of chronic back and neck pain
- Relief from acute pain and injuries

Welcome to Performance Chiropractic Clinic, the practice of Dr. Jacob Waller, a rehabilitative and exercise chiropractor serving Mill Creek, Bothell, and surrounding areas.

We provide complete body and spine care including customized stretching, core stability exercise, and massage in addition to the chiropractic adjustments because we feel that addressing both the structural (spine) and functional (muscles and other soft tissue) components of your body is the only way to truly achieve significant, long lasting results.

Since 2005, Dr. Waller has been practicing as both a rehabilitative and wellness chiropractor in the Mill Creek and Bothell area. His outstanding team has helped patients with a variety of injuries return to a pain free state, typically healthier and stronger than even before their injury started.

Dr. Waller relies on the latest treatments and therapies (including cold laser and cutting edge core strengthening exercises), combined with chiropractic adjustments, all in a relaxed atmosphere, to give his patients the most customized and comprehensive treatment for most injuries, including car accidents, chronic pain, and headaches.

Dr. Waller’s practice attracts patients from throughout the greater north Seattle area including Mill Creek, Bothell, Lynnwood, Everett, and Snohomish, all of whom are looking to receive complete care for their spine and entire body in one office. Dr. Waller’s comprehensive training in chiropractic, core strengthening, and nutrition allows him to offer the kind of advanced care that is generally only available through a specialist.