People's Republic Of Komedy

The Peoples Republic of Komedy (PROK), a tight-knit group of like-minded Seattle comedians, has been creating a stir in the local arts scene with their wildly popular “Laff Hole” show every Wednesday night. Combining edgy comedy with some of the hottest young bands in Seattle, “Laff Hole” has created the kind of buzz that Seattle hasn’t seen since the grunge boom of the early 1990’s.

After playing to packed houses every week at “Laff Hole”, PROK decided to branch out, producing shows in nearly every part of the city, and recently producing shows in New York, Portland and Los Angeles. Since 2005, the group has produced over 200 lives shows and is the driving force behind the resurgent Seattle comedy scene.

“Laff Hole” was recently voted “Best Comedy Show” by Seattle Magazine, and the group will be performing at the Sasquatch Music Festival and will manage the regional comedy stage at Bumbershoot.