Pat Sullivan, Pa Rama Body Talk Practitioner, The Reconnection

Using the Advanced and PaRama College BodyTalk System, and The Reconnectio, I help people get better.  Clients feel better because their pain goes away and/or their life improves because they look at things differently.  Clients can also choose to release stored emotions, triggers and belief systems that are negatively impacting their health or their lives.  These may be conscious or unconscious. It's a very easy and painless process.  No drama, no trauma.

Health is the body's ability to constantly adapt to all factors in our environment: a state of optimum adaptation to internal and external factors on all levels; body, mind and spirit   BodyTalk restores balance and communication within your system.  PSYCH-K ensures your subconscious (which is running the show and your life) agrees with your conscious desires.