Pasta Bella Queen Anne

Benvenuti al Ristorante Pasta Bella, authentic Italian dining in Seattle. Since 1990, we've welcomed all in a comfortable space. Our elegantly designed interiors offer our diners something rustic with a neighborly Italian feel. Our space is carefully created to allow the succulence and romance one expects from an evening out to enjoy the best Italian cuisine. It's the perfect environment for both celebratory families and intimate dates. Our menus are developed to bring home the rich satisfaction offered only by the best. Our fresh, traditional cuisine lets you truly understand what "Deliciously Italian" means. Your experience will be warm, friendly and delicious! Pasta Bella is your choice for private parties, birthdays, anniversaries, a first date, or any special moment. Don't hesitate to tell us how we can make your visit incredible. Again- Grazie for choosing Pasta Bella!