Passion Art In Seattle

As a local of Seattle I am constantly inspired by the sights of this region. I take great pride in being a Seattleite and Washingtonian, and relish in the treasures we have here. So, I take pictures of the places I love to go to exercise, relax and play and make them into art.


After I have captured the sights integral to these places I manipulate the images on a digital program to create these one of a kind abstract photo montages. Each image is a composite of at least two photos.


By combining images and altering the color scheme I bring whole new meaning to photographs of Seattle, Snoqualmie Falls, Lincoln Park and the views from Alki Beach. Because nature in an inextricable part of the Northwest I weave natural imagery through the photos of our iconic places.


Garden painting is a service I offer where I come to your home and paint an abstract painting based on your garden. I will use the lines, shapes, space and colors of your garden to create the composition for the painting. I set up in your yard using a drop cloth to protect your grass, deck or patio.


I strive to accommodate your wishes with colors to match your decorum.


I use water based oil paints. So, I am able to achieve the beauty and subtleties of oil paint without the toxicity. I bring my own supplies and will not need to use your sink to clean up.


You will have an atmospheric rendering of your most beloved outdoor spaces.

Photo Gallery