Pacific Plumbing Llc

Why choose Pacific Plumbing?   Whether you’re looking for a whole-house repipe or just need some plumbing service work, Pacific Plumbing will give you the quality of service you need, at the price you want.   We’ve been taking care of homes like yours for over 15 years. Our technicians will come out, do a thorough inspection of your problem and give you a straightforward and honest estimate before we start any work.   We promise we’ll only do the work that’s needed and nothing else. We’ll tell you what needs to be fixed, how we’ll fix it and how much it will cost. And most important, we’ll make sure you’re happy before we leave.   Drain Cleaning   Drains are those “things” we’d rather not talk about. They’re under our sinks, in the walls and thankfully out of sight. Usually they quietly go about their business, while you’re taking care of yours.   But sometimes, they just stop working. That’s when you need to call Pacific Plumbing - 206-362-2772   Water Heater Repairs   The average heater lasts 7-10 years. In areas where there is water with a high concentration of minerals, this may create sediment at the bottom of the tanks. Over time the system becomes less efficient to run or simply begins to breakdown.   Contact Pacific Plumbing and ask for one of our serviceman to come out and evaluate your system. A simple less expensive repair may be all that’s required. Don’t guess – call us at 206-362-2772   Many small problems in plumbing, become big expensive ones because people wait too long before they call.  Call us if you have:   Toilets that keep running water Shower heads that always leak or won’t let any water through Faucets that drip-drip-drip at night Drains that just won’t cooperate   Pacific Plumbing – Professional – Trust Worthy - Dependable