Pacific Liquidation Incorporated

Pacific Liquidation Inc. specializes in purchasing and/or consignment of materials that are surplus to the needs of distributors, contractors, and manufacturers. Our management staff has been involved in this field for many years and our expertise in marketing makes us able to purchase or sell your surplus inventory at the highest possible price, yet reasonable for the end user.

We are committed to buying & selling quality products that are excess to our customer's needs and meet applicable industry standards. We have strict purchasing and quality assurance procedures.

We provide Distributors, Manufacturers and Contractors with a Cash-Buy out offer on inventories or our consignment service will be at your service to auction your surplus inventory, of course we auction your items on eBay, the most popular auction website in the world. Instead of taking your excess inventory to a local auction with 50-100 viewer, we will list them on eBay so your products will be seen by thousands from all over the country.

No list, warehouse, or jobsite is too big or too small. A call, fax, or e-mail can easily turn your excess inventory into cash.

We're available upon appointment to visit your site and make an offer if lists aren't readily available. From our strategically placed location in Kirkland, WA we're able to receive inquiries from north to Bellingham and by south to Tacoma. Our product knowledge and quick response provides both buyers and sellers with the kind of rapid specialized service they need.