Nymbus, LLC

Nymbus, Llc

Nymbus is a technology partner for the SMB market in the Pacific Northwest that specializes in Virtual Information Technology Services.

VIRTUAL IT SERVICES: Nymbus will be by your side providing premier "All Inclusive" service for your entire network. The days of being nickel and dimed are of the past.

24/7 NETWORK MONITORING:Our team of technicians carefully monitor servers, desktops and other endpoints attached to your network 24/7/365.

24/7 HELP DESK SERVICES: Our certified, U.S.-based help desk technicians are here to provide support 24/7/365 - freeing up you to focus on growing your business.

24/7 BUSINESS CONTINUITY: Nymbus will provide backup solutions that monitor and verify backups, provide recovery and testing support, and ensure backups run 24/7.

NETWORK SECURITY: Nymbus will take the necessary measures to protect your underlying network infrastructure from unauthorized access 24/7.

CLOUD INTEGRATION: Our team of IT professionals will sit down with you and provide essential cloud integration solutions that will provide efficiency and collaboration.

IT PROJECT SOLUTIONS: Big or small, no IT project will be a challenge for Nymbus. We will take the time to implement any solution that will only benefit your company.