North View Research Group

NorthView Research Group, based in Seattle, is a full service market research company which provides clients with customized approaches to their research needs in the areas of branding, market positioning, new product testing, customer satisfaction

At NorthView Research, we don’t just collect data; our commitment to our clients is to be their partner in answering their critical strategic questions and solving their business problems. By intelligently gathering market research information, providing marketing and branding expertise, and using the latest analytical
tools, we help our clients develop the best strategies and make the right decisions for their organizations.

Our philosophy and approach is to be our clients’ trusted adviser and their provider of the highest quality marketing research services. We are not a large company, and we prefer it that way. That said, while our firm is small, we service clients of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 firms, and conduct research studies with widely varying scope, from local focus groups all the way up to multiple-methodology international research studies.