Newton Physical Therapy

My physical therapy interest in restoring optimal movement patterns and balance has led me to approach musculoskeletal injuries from a comprehensive view integrating manual therapy techniques, functionally based exercise prescription, biomechanical analysis and orthotic prescription. We are a balance of forces responding to gravity. How we respond is generally how we feel.

I hope to treat a patient as little as possible, working to establish improved movement patterns as soon and with as much independence as is reasonable. I think that manual therapy is a powerful tool to be used as minimal as needed to allow the patient to move optimally on their own. I focus strongly on patient education to allow them to identify what has led them to my office so they may not only resolve their current dysfunction, but learn to prevent further episodes.

I look at all patients as athletes and encourage them to see themselves as such with whatever they attempt to do. Sitting at a desk then becomes an athletic event, and we need to understand how to best maximize their ability to do so. We are a product of our choices, and how we chose largely determines how we feel.

It is largely my job to help patients understand the importance of what they choose, and if need be how and why to make changes