My Seattle DUI Lawyers

My Seattle Dui Lawyers

If you are facing mandatory jail time, mandatory fines, five years of probation, loss of your driver's license, an ignition interlock requirement, alcohol treatment, and the many other consequences that come with a DUI (or BUI) conviction, then YOU NEED A TEAM OF EXPERIENCED AND AGGRESSIVE TRIAL ATTORNEYS fighting for you.   When facing criminal charges as serious as a DUI, it is important to understand that not all lawyers are equal when it comes to courtroom experience. Where lawyers differ is in their ability to effectively litigate your case. You may not realize it but many lawyers work their entire careers without taking a single case to trial. Other lawyers step into a courtroom only a few times each year. The lawyers at my office are in court daily. The lawyers at my office are litigators at heart, and the prosecutors we work with know it. Although my legal team is never looking for the ultimate fight, it is understood that we will never back down from one either. As a result, our lawyers have built a reputation within the legal community of being talented litigators. Because we are always ready for trial, our clients receive better overall results- more dismissals, more acquittals, and better plea deals.

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