Miller's Guild

Wood-fired cooking, nose-to-tail butchery, 75-day dry-aged beef, and custom cask finished spirits. Opening in December 2013.

Opening in December 2013, Miller's Guild is built around a nine foot long custom-made wood-fired grill, and will feature seventy-five-day dry-aged beef, nose-to-tail butchery, rustic baked goods and custom cask finished spirits.

Miller's Guild is a restaurant dedicated to highlighting the crafts that go into a great dining experience. The concept was inspired by our space in the Hotel Max which was built by the Vance Lumber Company in 1926 to house craftsmen and workers coming from all over the world to work in the forests and mills of Washington.

Miller's Guild is a partnership between James Beard Award winning chef Jason Wilson, and his wife Nicole Wilson who own Crush, Kurt Huffman, who owns ChefStable Group in Portland, and Jake Kosseff, a former Best Young Sommelier in America.