Matthew Kaminski, Attorney At Law

For over five years, Matthew Kaminski has been working to assure that the rights of his clients are protected.  After years of practice in South Florida, Matt Kaminski went on to open his office in 2012 in the heart of Belltown at the historic Markham Building on 3rd Ave and Blanchard.  His office has progressed from only representing landlords and tenants through disputes and advocating for the disabled in front of the Social Security Administration to now include Family law, Bankruptcy, and DUI. Through all of this change Matt Kaminski still operates under the same guiding principles: 1.) That people with legal issues wants to speak to the attorney first, not to an army of staff. 2.) He zealously advocates for his clients, making sure that they feel that their issues are heard. 3.) Providing his years of experience and courtroom knowledge at an affordable rate that can give everyone access to justice.

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