Magic In Seattle Professional Magician Seattle Live Entertainment

Magic In Seattle Professional Magician Seattle Live Entertainment

Mike specializes in weddings, private parties, birthdays, and corporate events with what is called close-up magic. Close-up magic is an intimate form of entertainment that is performed right in front of the guests. All of his material is appropriate, professional, and does not embarrass anyone. This type of magic is normally performed for small groups of people (between 1 to 10 guests at a time) and requires no stage.  Mike has performed for the Seattle Mariners, Supersonics, YMCA, and any many other corporate events.  Take a look at his website

Typically, the best plan is for Mike to walk from table to table/guest to guest and perform a “min-show.” This mini-show is basically a private show that is very intimate and will not interrupt the flow of your wedding. He works out of his pockets, which means that he does not need a stage or take up any space. He can perform close-up magic for 1-3 hours, which depends on your needs. Magic is a great ice-breaker before the event begins, Mike can perform for you guests while they wait in line (if you are having a buffet), and then again while people or mingling.

Mike's services are tailored to your needs, which means that each show is unique and custom made. You decide what you would like, and he will deliver. Mike has a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.  Mike will be more than happy to provide any references.

Thank You,

Mike O'Donnell  

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