Lonny C. Skjervheim, Dc

Dr. Lonny C. Skjervheim, DC, C.C.S.P, C.S.C.S, C.C.E.P. is certified in decompression therapy and specializes in nutrition and sports injury cases. He is also certified to treat extremities, custom orthotics, rehab, whiplash and minor brain trauma.

A doctor of chiropractic may use some instruments for analysis that are familiar to you, and maybe some that are different from those you have encountered before.

You may be asked questions about falls and injuries that you may not have considered important, even from childhood. You will notice that a chiropractor is very interested in every detail of your condition, and will always take time to give complete attention to your problem.

Even though two patients may have the same disorder, they will not necessarily progress in the same manner. Each patient is an individual who must be studied and analyzed as such.