Local Craft Tours

Local Craft distillery tours explores the craft of cocktails while offering a fun and informative tour of Seattle’s most unique and exciting distilleries.  Sipping your way through the stills of Seattle, you will find each master distiller is excited to share their unique and individual story.  As your taste buds get a jolt from each still, you won’t be left going home “dry”. 


As your tour begins, in the luxury of a Mercedez Sprinter, you will be greeted with a special “craft” cocktail created by one of our very talented libation experts.  With the “first of its kind” distillery tour in Seattle, you will experience a behind the scenes look into the world of craft distilling, sip on over a dozen local spirits and have a chance to taste trendy culinary snacks provided by local artisan chefs.  Local Craft Tours is proud to partner with only small, grassroots based businesses.  Enjoy the privileges that are exclusive only to our tours!