Lisa Yasmeen Professional Belly Dancer

A sought after performer in the Seattle area, Lisa Yasmeen will add a special touch to any event.  She is definitely a crowd pleaser and has the patrons dancing by the end of her performance.  Lisa's dance style is a blend of classic and modern Egyptian style cabaret while adding technical and smooth movements.  She is able to adjust her performance per venue type and party theme.  Her monthly schedule includes performing at venues such as Spiros Greek Restaurant, Costas Opa, Taki’s Mad Greek, Marrakesh and Jerzy's Wine Bar.  She also has experience teaching group and private lessons, performing at festivals and private parties.  Her performance experience spans from various parts of WA, Laguna Beach, CA, Honolulu, HI and Victoria, BC.  Lisa is also a member of the Blue Lotus Dance Company where they specialize in belly dance, bollywood and Russian gypsy dancing.  Dazzling and energetic, Lisa interprets belly dance with the grace and skill of a true entertainer.