Lips Instead of Eyes

Lips Instead Of Eyes

Bio: Alex H. - guitar & synth / Anna H. - vocals / Jeremy M. - bass, synth & drum programming. Alex H. and I (Jeremy M.) met years ago and have played in a couple bands together. We've recorded some ideas with Anna H. Here they are. We write, perform, program, record, edit, produce, mix and master D.I.Y. style.

Sounds like: Two parts ugly synth, a smidge of bass guitar, a splash of distorted organ, one part live drums, a bit of noise, a sprinkle of digital beats, a dash of distorted guitar, a pinch of programmed bass, just add vocals and serve.

Influences: The Fitness, Pretty Girls Make Graves, The Prids, Blood Red Shoes, The Trucks, The Kills, Enon, etc...

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