Linda James M.S. Marriage And Family Therapy

Being married is the most wonderful and difficult thing you can ever commit to. That is if you do it well. We think our spouses should know how we feel and what we need if they truly love us. The reality is that we need to communicate well with each other. Many people were raised in families that set poor examples of how to communicate. We hope that by marrying someone who says they love us communication will be easy. Many times we hope our spouses can complete the parts of us that weren't nurtured growing up. It is easy to become frustrated and angry because we are hurt and disappointed. Counseling can help both of you as you learn positive communication skills, how to communicate your needs, and healing for past hurts that continue to make your present relationships difficult. 
Call me at 206-724-6857. I work with couples, individuals and children. I offer a sliding scale $50-$90.00. I am conveniently located in North Seattle. 

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