Kitsap Physical Therapy & Sports Clinics Poulsbo

Kitsap Physical Therapy & Sports Clinics is a group practice owned and operated by the majority of its physical therapists. After opening in 1979, it soon became (and continues to be) the largest privately owned provider of physical therapy outpatient care in Kitsap county. Since then, many thousands of people have trusted in us for their physical therapy care.
We take this responsibility seriously and are committed to keeping up with the latest research to enable us to provide "evidence-based" care and also providing a compassionate, personal experience that exceeds expectations.

Services offered at this location include:
-Cardiac Conditioning: Stage’s 3 & 4 supervision closer to home for someone recovering from surgery or at risk of needing surgery.
-Neurological Disorders: PT’s have advanced skills in rehabilitation programs for patients recovering from a stroke, head injury, brain injury, or other neurological injuries such as Multiple Sclerosis.
-Peripheral Neuropathies: Treatment programs to help manage pain and restore more normal levels of strength, flexibility, gait, balance, and tolerance levels for activities of daily living (A.D.L.’s). Some programs include use of infrared light treatments.
-Work Conditioning: This program is intended to help prepare a person for returning to the specific demands of their job when recovering from an injury or surgery.
-Step-Down Fitness: This program allows patients to continue coming into our gym independently to follow through with a progression of their rehab program and for maintaining good personal fitness.
-Senior Fitness: This program starts out either as a Step-Down program or with an individual Fitness Screening and focuses on exercises that focus on the areas of special emphasis that are most beneficial to keeping Seniors fit and independent.
-Balance/Fall Prevention: Testing based on the latest research is used to assess how “at risk” a person is to falling is used. This is followed up with exercise and drills to help improve strength and skill levels and reduce a person’s risk.
-Vestibular Treatment: Testing is done to determine whether dizziness or balance problems are related to inner ear problems or are related to musculoskeletal problems. Specific treatments are then provided to resolve the problem.
-Sports Injury Treatment & Rehabilitation: Testing, treatment, and rehabilitation for a wide variety of sports related injuries. Programs are adjusted to make them more effective based on age and gender.
-Diabetes / Metabolic Disorder Rehab: Many people with diabetes also have related musculoskeletal problems that are more difficult for them to overcome due to the detrimental effects of the diabetes. This includes such factors as having orthopedic injuries that heal much slower than they typically would, having a high B.M.I., balance or gait problems related to peripheral neuropathy, and general de-conditioning that can be caused by many reasons. Providing some initial individualized treatment followed by a structured monitoring of their progress allows these people to be far more successful in managing their diabetes than they typically could achieve left on their own.
-Light Therapy / Cold Laser Treatment: Treatment options are provided that help to stimulate the cells involved in promoting a faster healing for superficial wounds, tendonitis problems, ligament problems, muscle problems, and peripheral neuropathy related symptoms.
-McKenzie Method Treatment: Rob Sprague, PT, has advanced training in the McKenzie Method of evaluation and treatement.
-Pediatric Neuro-Developmental Treatment