Kathleen M Whalen Ms Aom

 Everyone is meant to shine in life. Ayurveda and Jyotisha or Vedic astrology are branches of ancient healing systems from the Vedas.  I help you find where you Shine and where your purpose and power combines with your talents in life.  Vedic astrology is a powerful guide in relationships, work and business.  As a business owner, when you are ON purpose, clients are drawn to you. Find where purpose lives within you, and tap into the positive energy in your life.  Use the power of affirming intentions of Louise Hay, vibrational therapies like flower essences and mantra for healthy living and lifestyles.  Vedic astrology is a social science with at least 5,000 years of wisdom that focuses on each person's contribution to the world through balanced living for your individual body type; eating, sleeping, working and volunteering according to our true nature is successful living.