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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have to pay child support for?

Child support is usually paid until the child reaches 18.  However, in some cases child support can be extended a little longer to help cover medical or educational expenses.

Can I modify or change a child support order?

Yes, if you need to request an increase or decrease in child support payments, you can seek a modification of the child support order.  Modifications are usually requested when the parent paying child support experiences a sudden job loss or unexpected illness or medical emergency that makes it difficult to continue making payments.  Modifications can also be requested by the parent receiving child support payments if child care costs go up, usually due to educational or medical needs.

What is the best way to make sure I obtain child custody?

The best way to obtain custody of your children is to prove to the judge that it’s in their best interest to remain in your custody.  As a Seattle family law attorney, I can help you highlight the strong bond between you and your children, as well as draw attention to the many reasons why your children would benefit from being in your care.   As long as the judge believes your children’s best interests are being served in your care, he or she will have no reason to deny you custody.