Jolyn Wells Moran, Ph D, Msw Counseling

Stop the Emotional Pain and Take Charge of Your Life.

Jolyn Wells-Moran, PhD, MSW Counseling

Twenty-eight years of experience, licensed mental health counselor, free initial visit and fee options..

Serving Individuals and Couples 

I provide counseling and therapy to individuals for anxiety, OCD, eating disorders, trauma, phobias, social anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder. I work with people who have borderline personality disorders too.These may include loss of energy, sadness, irritability, sleep issues, automatic rage, mood swings, body image issues, panic attacks, nightmares, raltionship issues, signs of mania or other symptoms.  I see couples for improvement of problem-solving, communication and intimacy issues; resolving infidelity issues; and building strong partnerships.  

Specializing in Anxiety

If the pain or discomfort of living with anxiety is interfering with your life or sense of well-being, I can help. I act as a guide through the phases of overcoming anxiety, using therapy methods that have been shown by years of research to really work. If you're willing to commit to overcoming anxiety, you can do it and it usually doesn't take as long as you might think.

No matter what the type or causes, it's highly likely that your anxiety can be effectively addressed. I see people for all types of anxiety, including; OCD, generalized anxiety disorder, eating disorders, PTSD, other trauma, generalized anxiety, social anxiety, hair pulling and other types.  

I see people from all ethnicities, religions and backgrounds; LGBT; and both men and women.

Three Locations

Jolyn Wells-Moran, PhD, MSW Counseling is located in downtown Seattle at Sixth and Seneca in the Park Place Building, above Chanterelle Restaurant on 3rd and Main Streets, and in Shoreline at the corner of 15h Ave NE and 155th in the Huebner Building.

Counseling Approach and Therapy Methods

I will value you and focus on effectiveness at the same time. I believe that everyone needs help now and then, and that all individuals can be helped. Therapy (meaning psychotherapy or counseling) can even be a life saver. I understand how hard it is to open up in therapy, or counseling, and respect every person who does it. In our culture, we often learn that seeking help is a weakness, but it's actually the strongest individuals who admit to having human problems and seek help to take charge of their lives. 

You needn't have a disorder to experience issues that can be addressed effectively with a counselor/psychotherapist. Worry, stress, relationship issues and any of concerns can be addressed in counseling/psychotherapy.


With individuals, I have an integrative approach; involving methods and techniques that are evidence-based and match the individual's needs and preferences. I often employ cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), including ERP (exposure response prevention) for OCD and phobias; mental health education; rational-emotive behavior therapy (REBT); dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) methods; problem-solving; visualization; relaxation exercises; and more.  


Solving issues as a couple depends on how well accept, appreciate and show affection for  each other. I can help you learn to do these things. Learn to calmly solve disagreements as they arise, if this is an issue in your relationship, without either of you being the loser. You can develop better communications skills, learn to ask for what you need, forgive and improve intimacy.

Payment and Service Options

Now accepting First Choice Health and LifeSynch. Other fee options available. First time visits are free. If you have health insurance not mentioned here, call your company to ask if they will reimburse you for out-of-network counseling/psychotherapy.

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