Jimmy Woo's Jade Pagoda Restaurant

Although the Chinese food at Jimmy Woo's Jade Pagoda Restaurant may not be up to culinary snuff, this ain't the Seattle dining page so we'll leave that review to our resident gastronomes, you're reason for visiting our happy little corner of the web is for Seattle bar info; right? Well, the Jade Pagoda is one of the best retro kitschy dive bars in Seattle without trying to be a retro kitschy dive bar. Walking through the airlock door to the lounge at the Jade Pagoda is like going through to another freakin' world. There's curious hipsters lounging at the bar elbow to pint with aging queens, young metros, punks, piercers, all manner of freaks and geeks, boozers, etc...Jade Pagoda decidedly has the best amalgamation of Seattle bar hounds and you too can slip into freak show anonymity over a few of their more than potent cocktails and hear what the little voices inside your head have been screaming.