Hope Bible Fellowship

Sunday Worship Service - 5pm at Seattle Mennonite Church
Weekday service-worship - in homes, parks and throughout the city

Hope is people! We are a community of diverse people brought together by Jesus Christ. Hope is young and old, rich and poor, black and white, Asian and Hispanic, various languages and cultures; kids and college students, singles and families; some have grown up in church and others are exploring faith in Jesus. Our greatest asset is our people. At Hope Bible Fellowship everyone is welcome in love. We are breaking down the barriers that separate people in our world

Our community of faith seeks to apply the truth and compassion of God to everyday life. We believe God cares deeply about every person and He calls us to work for the good of our city. We believe life lived well is worship. We work hard to bring together faithful Bible teaching and passionate, Christ-centered worship – held together in loving relationships.