Home Key Organization

I am a Professional  Organizer  and Child Development Specialist based in Seattle.  I work with local families to organize their homes in a way that promotes the maximum development of their child. 

We all want our children to be ready for school AND life--but how? Research shows that play is one of the  most effective ways to promote learning and social emotional development. As adults, we know that the right work and home environment can make or break our productivity.  The same is true for children.  In order to maximize quality play and learning, the environment must be set up in an appropriate and intentional manner. 

Working as an Early Childhood Educator for the past ten years has helped me develop my eye for environments.  In fact, some of the most revered learning  philosophies (Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Waldorf) consider the environment as one of the child's most important teachers. 

By utilizing my services, your home will be transformed into a place that your child will flourish in. 

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