Gym On Bus, Llc

Gym On Bus provides recreational gymnastics to toddlers and preschoolers in a cheerfully decorated, airconditioned school bus that has been converted into a mobile gymnasium, filled with safe and fun equipment.

We travel to daycare centers and schools, and hold classes in a green tumblebus. Our gym on wheels is a truly unique and exciting way of bringing physical fitness to young children while moms and dads are at work.

It is a wonderful addition to any daycare or school program because it makes children happy, which makes parents happy, which makes teachers happy.

Our classes are 30 minutes long and continue throughout the year - rain, snow or shine! The tumblebus comes to your center on the same day and time, four times a month. Our lesson plans are designed for different age groups, and change every week so the children are continually challenged and excited.

Children absolutely love Gym On Bus, and look forward to it every week!