Green Lake Chiropractic And Nutritional Healing

Combining Chiropractic Adjustments with Nutritional Healing Creates Long-Lasting Results So You Get Healthy, Feel Healthy, and Stay Healthy!

If your body isnt getting a proper nutritional balance to function at its best, chiropractic careno matter how goodis never going to help you get well permanently. However, once your body receives what it needs to start healing itself, chiropractic care can absolutely speed your journey on the road to recovery.

So, in addition to using a highly effective yet gentle, low-force adjustment technique without the popping sound of a traditional adjustment, We also provide Nutritional Healing.

Because these days, unless you:

* Eat a well-balance, organic diet
* Take only the highest quality, organic, whole food supplements
* Are never exposed to chemical or pollutants such as modern cleaning products, pesticides, fertilizers, exhaust fumes, etc.
* Exercise regularly
* AND sleep 7-8 hours a night;

chances are, youre suffering from at least some nutritional imbalances or deficits. And your body may not be equipped to fight off illness or deal with toxins (goodness knows were all exposed to plenty of those every day). Quite frankly, what youre not getting could very well be causing you to get sick.

To find out if you have any imbalances or deficiencies, we recommend a simple, non-invasive Nutritional Healing Examination. If needed, we will also follow up by helping you determine exactly what supplements you need and how much. No more standing in the aisle wondering if you should take the 200mg versus the 400mg, or which multi-vitamin is best.

It is our desire to see you give your body what it needs to get healthyand stay healthy. That way, your chiropractic adjustments are going to make a much bigger difference in how you feel.