Geo's Cuban & Creole

Specializing in authentic Cuban and Creole dishes. Best known for our Cuban sandwiches, slow roasted baby back ribs, and Gumbo.

Authentic Cuban sandwiches, some of the best Gumbo in town, and slow roasted ribs are just a few of our specialties. Appetizers include tostones, maduros, camerones ajillo, and stuffed okra We also serve delicious hot breakfast sandwiches, pastries, espresso and Italian sodas. Join us for Happy Hour on Friday and Saturday from 4pm to 8pm.

History: Established in the summer of 2013: Geordanys Rodriguez & Kim Gianotti, searched for some time before finding the perfect spot on Seaview Ave NW in Ballard, near Golden Gardens.

"We love it! It's a cozy space with big windows and high wood beamed ceilings. We spent the whole summer fixing it up, doing all the work ourselves with the help of friends and family." Says Kim.

A recent trip to Cuba became the inspiration for the color pallet. "We spotted a charming building in the Old Havana painted a warm yellow with bright blue trim and knew it was the perfect combination. For the interior, Cuban sky blue, citrus green, and melon, just like the inside of a juicy papaya."

The food...Cuban and Creole. "We love the idea of offering two types of food thought to be unrelated. In fact they have the same roots. Both are influenced by Spanish, French and African traditions. It's the way the ingredients are combined that makes them so different. Both are hearty and flavorful but Creole tends to be spicier."

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