Gallery Barber Shop

Two master Barbers, no appointments necessary, Razor Shaving, but for this service you should call ahead, 425-204 8486,   52in HDTV   The walls are covered with fine Art, Before retiring back to Barbering in 1995 Andrew operated several Art Galleries in the S.F. Bay area.
Nick the young Barber is the one who is weilding the straight Razor and filling the shop with new customers. here is a comment by Matt,

Hairplus Gallery Barber Shop

Matt M.

9/10/2010  I'm 24 and am always disappointed by haircuts and dread when the time to get a trim comes around.
This time I was determined to get a good haircut and went online and looked up some good styles for my hair type.  Decided I'd go to a barber shop instead of Supercuts or Greatclips and chose this place.
The shop is very cool with all art covering the walls, and the owner and his younger employee very friendly.  I printed some pictures of the cut I was looking for and the young guy and I discussed the features my hair could pull off and where we'd have to compromise.  He got to cutting and I was impressed by how meticulous he was.  Nice to see someone actually care how my cut is going to turn out.
In the end I'm not exaggerating that it's probably the best cut I've received.  Looks great and I'm actually not disappointed!
Definitely recommended.