European Leather Repair And Restoration

European Leather Repair has specialized in the cleaning, repair and restoration of fine leathers since 1981. Our varied experiences in the field include working with furniture and garment manufacturers, tanners and chemists, retailers and consumers. Because we manufacture and sell many of the products we use, we are well acqainted with the special demands placed on modern day leathers.

We owe our name to the fact that for many years we operated a business in Leather Restortion in Germany. We were instrumental in creating similar businesses in other parts of Europe as well. In 1989 we established ourselves in the U.S. combining "Old World Craftsmanship" with today's high performance leather technology. We now serve most retail furniture stores in the Puget Sound area as well as leading manufacturers, designers and corporate customers.

Our Services:
We offer our customers a powerful resource and a recipe for successful restoration and repair. Listed below is a comprehensive list of services we offer our clients.




Repair of scuffs and tears

Dye and Color work

Removal of ink and stains

Total refinishing

Stitching and Upholstery

Protective Coating application

Maintenance Programs

Quick turn-around time