Environmental Partners Inc.

Environmental Partners, Inc. (EPI) is a vertically integrated group of professional consultants centered around contaminated real estate acquisition and development. As such, we assist our clients with fully and efficiently evaluating environmental contamination associated with the property; design, implementation and completion of site remediation; and regulatory reporting and compliance.  EPI builds solid, long-term client relationships based on trust and professional excellence. Therefore, we have a vested interest in the quality and responsiveness of the services we provide.


It is within the following areas of specialty that we currently excel:


- Strategic Acquisition and Due Diligence Services

- Site Investigation and Characterization

- Remedial Design, Engineering, and Construction Oversight

- Regulatory Compliance and Audit Services

- Litigation / Negotiation Support


Our Approach:


EPI’s approach to project staffing reflects our belief that the quality of work provided by an environmental consulting firm is only as good as the professionals who performed the work. Our goal is to maintain a high percentage of mid- to senior-level, career-oriented consultants within a relatively flat organizational structure to minimize overhead costs. This structure enhances our ability to deliver the highest quality professional consulting services: efficiently and cost-effectively.


Project Locations:


EPI has completed projects in every state of the United States, every province in Canada, and in Puerto Rico. We have ongoing remedial projects in Alaska, California, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Texas, Montana and Washington.


Company Background:


EPI is a privately held firm founded in 1990 and incorporated in the State of Washington. The firm has a Dun and Bradstreet rating of 2A2, carries no debt, and has been consistently profitable. 
EPI's continued success is measured by the steady and fulfilling partnerships developed with our employees and with our clients through a commitment to professional excellence.