Elysian Brewing Company and Public House

Elysian Brewing Company And Public House

Monolithic stainless steel beer vats preside over the crowds at Elysian Brewing Company, a Seattle brewery and restaurant that has been making beer on site since 1996. The space is huge and open with floor to ceiling windows making it seem even larger and since Elysian also serves hard alcohol along side its microbrews, they have some cozy lounge areas in the back to create more of a bar over brewery scene. The menu at this Seattle restaurant offers new twists on brewpub staples with some unique offerings like barbecued pork sandwiches and hummus samplers alongside the fish and chips or burgers. Like a lot of Seattle breweries, the best way to sample Elysian's beer offerings are through the sampler, so you can knock back the six most popular and then go from there.

The Elysian was founded in 1995 by Dick Cantwell (President/Head Brewer), Joe Bisacca (CFO/Head of Operations) and David Buhler (Sales & Marketing Director). Our first Seattle location, a 220-seat beer hall and our main brewery, opened in 1996 on Capitol Hill, Seattleā€™s most populous neighborhood.

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