Elemental Pizza

Elemental Pizza

The love of pizza is universal, and opinions about what creates the perfect pie are never ending. With this in mind we set out to study all of the “elements” that go into making a pizza special. From our dough, to our ovens to the topping combinations our mission is simple: create a friendly restaurant built for comfort, experimentation, and good times. Here is what makes our chemistry possible:

Dough fermented for three days

Flour, yeast, salt and water. This is all we use to make our dough. It sounds simple enough, but in order for it to build its flavor and obtain the right level of chew, we allow the yeast to ferment for three days.

Wood ovens heated to 750 degrees

Nothing makes a pizza unique like a wood burning oven. We use almond and apple wood to create a cooking environment that produces blistering char and crispy texture on our crust that a standard oven can never achieve.

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