Dr Quick Books, Inc.: QuickBooks & Quicken Training, Support, Help, & Classes in Person in Seattle

Dr Quick Books, Inc.: Quick Books & Quicken Training, Support, Help, & Classes In Person In Seattle

I teach stressed out small business owners how to effectively use their QuickBooks financial or Point of Sale and other accounting and bookkeeping software (for Windows or Mac) by showing them how to set it up properly, review what they have done themselves, solve their problems, and teach them how to fish or make tofu for themselves.

I also work with personal financial management software like Quicken or Money by offering one-on-one, in-person, personalized or customized training, tutoring, classes, instruction, and seminars at their office, home, coffee shops, my place, or online at your pace and skill level.

There is nothing more fun than watching someone's eyes light up as they gain the self-confidence by making their financial or accounting software work for them instead of the other way around and learn how to produce financial reports that tell them how their business or investment and retirement plans are really doing.

And so they don't make the mistake two of my small business clients made by creating their chart of accounts for a C corporation when they were a LLC and setting up their credit card as an expense account for the other client.

Or would you rather sit in the dark?

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