Doggies' Heaven

I offer boarding for small sized dogs within my own home in Duvall. It's surrounded by amazing natural settings for dogs to be taken on walks every single day as well as a large fenced backyard for the dogs to play off-leash while under my supervision. It is also located in a rural neighborhood as well as in a dead end and so there is absolutely no traffic around my house, which makes it very safe for the dogs.

Inside my home, your dog will be free to go wherever he / she wants to go. I want your dog to feel like he/she is at home and so, before taking him / her in, I will ask you what his / her habits are so that I can let him/her do the same in my house. The same applies at night. Your dog will not be crated unless you ask me to do so. I have re-arranged my 2nd bedroom and converted it into a very cozy and fun dog room to accommodate those dogs who will be staying there as well as mine. However, I do have to admit that many of them do end up on my own bed. :)

I have 7 years experience with dogs and I'm absolutely committed to the well-being of your best friend. I'm a huge dog lover and would not consider my life without them. I have worked for a big shelter in the UK as well several doggie daycare & boarding places in Seattle and I have owned my dog boarding business for 5 years. I'm also currently an Animal Care Assistant for a well-known Animal Hospital where I only do short shifts in the mornings Monday thru Friday, which means I have plenty of free time to be with the dogs that are under my care.

I only charge $25/night even if there is more involved such as medication.

Once you email me, I can provide pictures as well as more information and/or answer any other questions you may have.

Thank you for your interest,


[email protected]