Data Recovery Seattle By Data Tech Labs

Data Recovery Seattle by DataTech Labs

DataTech Labs is the leading provider of professional, fast data recovery and RAID data recovery services for Seattle and surrounding areas in Washington.  We specialize in retreiving data from any failed media device, including:

Hard Drive Data Recovery
Laptop Data Recovery
Hard Disk Data Recovery
RAID Data Recovery
Desktop Data Recovery
Thumb Drive Data Recovery
USB Data Recovery
...and mujch more!

If you have experienced a hard drive crash, turn off your computer or hard drive at once, and unplug the device.  Call us at (206) 452-2013 or visit for a free quote.  Most data recoveries are processed within 2-5 business days, but faster turn times are available.

At DataTech Labs you will have the personalized experience of dealing directly with a data recovery engineer, not a customer service representative.  Call the pros today...we will get your data back, FAST!