Daryl Graves Law, PLLC

Daryl Graves Law, Pllc

For over 35 years, Daryl has been defending clients and helping them navigate the criminal justice system.

Established in 1979, Daryl L. Graves believed that building his practice on a strong foundation would ensure the clients of his firm would receive the highest quality of service possible. We understand the importance of a strong attorney / client relationship and strive to provide practical information to the client for a clear, comprehensive understanding of the law.

We employ a skilled personable support staff to ensure the highest quality of service our clients are provided.

Daryl Graves Law, PLLC practices primarily in the areas of DUI defense, criminal defense law and personal injury. If you are seeking representation in one of the above, or simply have a question that you would like to ask an attorney, feel free to call Daryl Graves Law, PLLC.

We offer a free initial consultation on all cases.